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Welcome to AJS Wealth Management. The company has been created by Anna Sofat and shaped by years of experience of client relationships.

AJS Wealth Management provides a Wealth Management Service for the discerning private client. We make no value judgement about client’s wealth – it’s the client’s needs, desire and passions that drive us.  We are, however, passionate about providing a highly sophisticated, bespoke and comprehensive service delivered simply and cost effectively.
Our service is best suited to clients looking for a relationship based on:

  1. Mutual trust and respect
  2. Advice as opposed to products
  3. A long term perspective
  4. Transparency in all its dealings

For our part, we are happy to invest our time and skills for a client where we recognise that we can add value to their financial needs.

We hope you like what you read about us – we would be pleased to provide further details on our services and indeed welcome any feedback.


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