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I traveled to Hazoor Sahib in Feb 2000 with my sister and mother. Below are some details about our trip which might help if you are ever going to travel there.

We flew into Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay). We had to get to a place called Nanded in Maharastra, which is 600 KM (400 Miles) East of Mumbai (inland). You can either: DRIVE, which takes 15 hours. TRAIN, which takes 11 hours. BUS, which would I assume take about 20 hours or so.

We could not get the train, because it requires pre-booking, so we had to rent a car with driver for the day. It took nearly 15 hours to get to Nanded..

When we arrived we went straight to SACHKAND SAHIB and got a room in the the halls there. The room was built for foreign tourists (sangat). The room was clean with 3 single beds with mattresses, It had a geezer for hot water and a western style toilet.

The next day we hired a jeep with driver for 2 days, because there are appox 9 Gurudwaras to see. On the 1st day we saw the main Gurudwaras, Sachkand Sahib. WOW what a spiritual Gurudwara. They do Ardass 3 times a day, after Ardass they open this special room which houses artifacts from the days of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Maharaja Ranjeet Singh Ji.. (the Sangat are not allowed to touch or enter this room) The artifacts are brought out and shown to all, they show a Sword and Kalangi belonging to Guru Gobind Singh Ji and a sword belonging to Maharaja Ranjeet Singh Ji.

Then we went to the train station to book our train to get to Punjab, afterwards we went on to see the other 6 gurdwara's around Nanded, which all have their own history.

The next day we went to a Gurdwara called Nanak Chira, Which is in the next state (Karnataka). It is 200KM south of Nanded, it takes 4 hours by Jeep (one way), The roads in this state were terrible. The site the Gurdwara is built on was once visited by Guru Nanak himself, on one of his many travels.

On the 3rd day we got the Sachkand Express Train to Ludhiana in Punjab. It took 32 hours to get from Nanded to Ludhiana. There are various classes of seat, the best one to get is 'A/C 2 Tier'. Which is expensive but is very comfortable. (Which is what you need on a 32 hour train journey)

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