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I took these 2 picture's when I finally reached Gurdwara Hemkunt Sahib

I visited Hemkunt Sahib in September 1992. It was a tiring 6 day journey. Below are my comments on how it went.

I decided to go to Hemkunt Sahib with sangat (rather than going in a taxi). I left Ludhiana City on a bus with 40 others at 5.00 am (which was too early for me, but the start of a lot of early starts. Our destination was Rishikesh in the foot of the Himalayan Mountains. We arrived there at 10.00 pm, after our driver got lost and took us on a 4 hour detour in India.

We stayed the night in the Rishikesh Gurdwara, which was a big Gurdwara. They have a lot of rooms for sangat. We were all very tired. The room given to sangat who travel together like we did, get communal halls. We got a medium size hall, with no beds, just blankets and everyone slept on the floor, it was a hard night, I could of done with a long hot bath and a comfortable bed.

It was another early start the next morning we were all up, dressed, bathed and in the new bus to go to Gobind Ghat by 4.00 am. This bus was smaller in length, so it could manage the tight bends. This was another long day, we arrived in Gobind Ghat at 6.00 pm. The journey was terrible, the roads were unsafe in places, there were no barriers on the cliff sides as you drive up. I had a blinding headache when we arrived. We again stayed in Gobind Ghat's communal rooms, which again only came with blankets, this hall was smaller than the one in Rishikesh. We all packed in and slept, looking forward to the next days walk to Gobind Dham.

We again woke up at an unthinkable hour 4.00 am. We packed our things, put on our walking shoes, the next section of the trip was to walk up to Gobind Dham (there are no roads for vehicles), the walk is 12 km up the mountain side, long and hard with some great views. Some of my group made it up in 5 hours but me being so unfit did'nt get there till 6.00 pm. When I arrived I had to find the rest of my group, after finding them we discovered there was no hall for us to sleep in, so we all had to crash in the corridors. Great!!

The next section was the hardest, 6 km up to the Gurdwara itself, Hemkunt Sahib, it was such an achievement to get this far. We all woke at 6.00 am. I decided I could not walk this section, so I rented this pony with driver to take me up this leg of the way. I got up to Hemkunt Sahib by 11.00 am. WOW! what a place so CALM, PEACEFUL and SPIRITUAL. I mata teked and sat for a while, then I dipped into the spiritual lake (Nishan), which was FREEZING..! Henkunt Sahib is 4329 mt high. After an hour I walked down, to Gobind Dham, and straight down to Gobind Ghat. Walking down was quite easy. Total of 18 km's. When we all arrived we again stayed in the same communal hall in Gobind Ghat.

Early next morning at 4.00 am we left in the same bus for Rishikesh, this journey took appox 12 hours. Stayed the night at Rishikesh Gurdwara and in the morning headed back for Ludhiana in Punjab.

I took this picture, standing in the door way of the Gurdwara, looking out.

On the way up I was doing my "I'M AT THE TOP OF MOUNT EVEREST'' impression

On the last leg of the journey to the top, I got got on this Pony

This is me, just after I dipped in the holy lake (NISHAN) outside Hemkunt Sahib